What If I Need Directions?
There is a detailed directions page

What Do I Need to Bring?
There is a page with everything you need to bring.  This also gets emailed out when you book in.  

When is the Festival? 
Dates for this year are 15th to the 21st of August 2022

Are Children Welcome?
Yes, children and families are very welcome.  In fact, there are forest school style workshops available for children of various ages which will take place each morning, throughout the week.

Is It Vegan Friendly? 
Pretty much. All of our meals are vegetarian and plenty of them will be vegan too. Where it isn’t then there will be a vegan option.

Are Pets Allowed?
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed (the resident farm dog doesn’t like other dogs!) but email us about other animals.

What is the Cost? 
It’s £199 at most for the week, fully catered, £80 for children over 6 and free for under 5’s.  That’s it though – the camping, the food and the craft workshops are all free!

How much do Workshops and Materials cost? 
These are all included in the ticket price.  You could spend an hour learning to thatch or spin wool, or you could get really into it and spend the whole week there.  The choice is yours!  Some workshop leaders may have tool packs to sell, so that you can carry on your new found passion at home.

Do I Have to do Washing Up/Food Prep etc.? 
Yes, but you can choose what you do!  The festival isn’t like other festivals, or holiday camps.  We are creating a community of people that are living, learning and creating together.  Chopping vegetables or scrubbing pans is an important part of the experience and the bonding of the group.

Can I bring a Caravan, Campervan or similar?
Yes, that’s fine.  We encourage interesting and magical caravans, if you have one.  There isn’t any electricity or water hookup directly, though there are taps nearby.

Can I Get a Refund?
Refunds are only available if we have a waiting list and can reallocate the ticket, and if it’s up to 4 months before the event starts.  You will incur a 10% fee if we are able to reallocate.  For more info see the Terms and Conditions

What Happens if the Event Has to Close Because of, Say …A Global Pandemic?
That’s weirdly specific, but good question.  Treehouse Festival will continue to happen, unless Government guidelines indicate it is not safe to do so.  Any guidelines from the government about Covid security will be followed.

Can I Come for Just the Weekend?
To encourage the community to truly grow together over the week, we’ve decided that the weekend tickets weren’t the best way forwards.  We want to create a crafting village filled with friends, and that takes time to nurture.  If you want to visit rather than stay all week then drop us an email, we might be able to help!

Where Can I Find the Boring Legal Stuff?
All terms and conditions, including policies, can be found here: Terms and Conditions.  This is liable to grow as we add new policies.  The T’s & C’s are the same as on the Ticket Booking.