Treehouse Festival

16th to the 22nd of August 2021 | Creating Community and Learning Forgotten Skills

Treehouse Online Craft Festival 2020

Welcome to the Treehouse Online Craft Festival! 
We’ve decided, under current circumstances, that the best thing to do was to work together to move our festival online and at the same time give you a taster of next year’s gathering.  So we’ve been working hard to put something together that enables us to share some online presentations where we can all learn some of the skills normally held at the festival and even some that have yet to be introduced! 

In that light, we approached our lovely workshop leaders and asked them if they could ‘craft’  us some online tutorials so that while we might not officially be together in person, we can still learn together. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on these events. Also, please share your amazing creations from the workshops you take part in as we love seeing what everyone creates.

Sharing and creating together is part of what our community is all about, so whether we’re online together or at the festival let’s keep that alive.

Workshops on Offer:

Kuksa Bowl Making

Skill and Tool set: Medium
Length of Course: 1 hour 28
Course leader: Nick Gosman

Beeswax Wrap Making

Skill and Tool set: minimal
Length of Course: 6 minutes
Course leader: Rachel Horner-Carr

Glass Blowing

Skill and Tool set: Beginner but specialist tools required
Length of Course: 8 minutes
Course leader: Master Graham Reed

Copper Bangle Making

Skill and Tool set: Intermediate and some specialist tools required
Length of Course: 17 minutes
Course leader: Tim Morley

Beer Can Bowls

Skill and Tool set: Beginner and easy access tools required
Length of Course: 6 minutes
Course leader: Rachel New

Hedgerow Foraging

Skill and Tool set: Beginner and basic tools
Length of Course: 9 minutes
Course leader: Abbie Clark

Mini Loom Work

Watchable Craft Experience (No instruction)
Skill and Tool set: none
Length of Video: 4 minutes
Crafter: Susan Cramner

Natural Food Carriers

Skill and Tool set: minimal
Length of Course: 3 minutes
Course leader: Rachel Horner-Carr

Glimakra Loom Work

Watchable Craft Experience (No Instruction)
Skill and Tool set: none
Length of Video: 3 minutes
Crafter: Susan Cramner

Beer Can Boxes

Skill and Tool set: Beginner and easy access tools required
Length of Course: 19 minutes
Course leader: Tim Morley


Skill and Tool set: Beginner and basic tools required
Length of Course: 15 minutes
Course leader: Ruth Jenkins

Other Experiences made by Treehouse Festival crafters


Skill and Tool set: Beginner but access to specialist tools required
Length of Course: 22 minutes
Course leader: Daniel Johnson
Note: This link takes you to Daniel’s SkillShare tutorial. You can sign up for free for the first Month for SkillShare, watch the tutorial and then cancel the subscription – Or carry it on, its great. Daniel gets a small commission for every subscription and we wanted to support him.
Daniel will be teaching Blacksmithing, tool-smithing and blade-smithing at Treehouse Festival 2021.

Story Telling

Watchable Workshop experience
Skill and Tool set: n/a
Course leader: David Tongue
Note: This link is a selection of David’s spoken stories. David will be teaching a workshop at Treehouse Festival 2021. This video is a taster of what you might learn!


Treehouse Festival 2020 is sadly cancelled because of the pandemic and social distance rules.  All tickets are automatically transferred to 2021 and there are a handful of newly available tickets on sale now.

Treehouse Festival Tickets 

Dates: 16th to the 22nd of August 2021 | Mid Norfolk | Cost: £189


What is Treehouse Festival?

Creating a community for a week whilst learning forgotten skills and eco building

Treehouse Festival is a week long event of green fields camping around an Iron Age round house, getting the opportunity to learn skills that you would never normally get the chance to have a go at.  Be part of the creation and eating of some of the best organic vegan and vegetarian food around and be involved in talks, eco building projects, live acoustic music nights and camp fires.

There are no ‘demonstrations’, every workshop is interactive and gives you the opportunity to get your hands dirty and have a go.  From blacksmithing to green woodworking, glass blowing to weaving, you can come and spend an hour or the whole week mastering skills with the opportunity to continue on when you get back home.
There is no extra cost to have a go, it’s all included when you buy the ticket.

There are only 100 tickets available for Treehouse Festival because we believe small is beautiful.  The community is created by preparing food together, working on a big project or sitting around a camp fire  and this is a big part of what makes Treehouse so great.   Ideas are shared, skills are taught and laughs are had.

The week is entirely catered for and the price of the food is included when you buy the ticket.  Everyone is part of the cooking and washing up.

Eco building:
The festival came from a community of people creating a big Treehouse in an old oak tree, afterwards came an Iron Age roundhouse – all made from skills we had learnt at the festival and materials we had gathered from nearby fields (or skips!).  Each year is the opportunity to be part of a big building project using hand tools to create an eco-structure.   Something that will stay put and become a location for a craftsperson for future years of Treehouse Festival.

If you want to be part of the Festival then you can buy tickets here


Why is it called “Treehouse”?

The Festival grew out of a group of friends deciding to build a real treehouse in their spare time. Every summer they’d spend a week or so camping out at Brandon House Farm, working on the treehouse’s spiral staircase, its balcony, or its roof. More friends came along to join in–after all, it sounded pretty fun. Eventually even more friends came, who didn’t particularly want to build but wanted to enjoy the camping and community spirit that quickly became something very special.

Soon, the week of camping became its own entity, while the magnificent tree house continued to be built and thus the Treehouse Festival was born.

Sadly, the treehouse–made by young people in their own time, with their own initiative; created from entirely recycled materials, a long way from anywhere; that had engendered a sense of community and a can-do attitude in countless young people–was ordered to be removed by the South Norfolk Council.

Rather than mourn its loss and change the name of the Festival, we decided to keep the name and let the Festival be a celebration of our departed treehouse, and the special community spirit it brought us.

Here she is:

Everything else you need to know

What If I Need Directions?
There is a detailed directions page

What Do I Need to Bring?
There is a page with everything you need to bring.  This also gets emailed out when you book in.  

When is the Festival? 
Dates for this year are 16th to the 22nd of August 2021 – we’ve chosen a later date this year. It’s a bit of an experiment as we feel that this will be a better time to get more craftspeople on board.  If it doesn’t work out, we’ll do it in late July again next year!

Are Children Welcome?
Yes, children and families are very welcome.  In fact, there are forest school style workshops available for children of various ages which will take place each morning, throughout the week.

Is It Vegan Friendly? 
It’s more than vegan friendly!   All meals are provided and pretty much all of it is Vegan.  Of course you’re welcome to bring extras and add things like cheese to your own food!

Are Pets Allowed?
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed (the resident farm dog doesn’t like other dogs!) but email us about other animals.

What is the Cost? 
It’s £189 at most for the week, fully catered, £75 for children over 6 and free for under 5’s.  That’s it though – the camping, the food and the craft workshops are all free!

How much do Workshops and Materials cost? 
These are all included in the ticket price.  You could spend an hour learning to thatch or spin wool, or you could get really into it and spend the whole week there.  The choice is yours!  Some workshop leaders may have tool packs to sell, so that you can carry on your new found passion at home.

Do I Have to do Washing Up/Food Prep etc.? 
Yes, but you can choose what you do!  The festival isn’t like other festivals, or holiday camps.  We are creating a community of people that are living, learning and creating together.  Chopping vegetables or scrubbing pans is an important part of the experience and the bonding of the group.

Can I bring a Caravan, Campervan or similar?
Yes, that’s fine.  We encourage interesting and magical caravans, if you have one.  There isn’t any electricity or water hookup directly, though there are taps nearby.

Can I Get a Refund?
Refunds are only available if we have a waiting list and can reallocate the ticket, and if it’s up to 4 months before the event starts.  You will incur a 10% fee if we are able to reallocate.  For more info see the Terms and Conditions

What Happens if the Event Has to Close Because of, Say …A Global Pandemic?
That’s weirdly specific, but good question.  Treehouse Festival will continue to happen, unless Government guidelines indicate it is not safe to do so.
In the event of a closure such as this, the festival will be cancelled and tickets will be deferred, free of charge to next year.  2020 was indeed cancelled for this reason, this question (and the associated policies) will be updated in Spring 2021 when we know more about 2021, but we are fully assuming Treehouse Festival will happen.

Can I Come for Just the Weekend? 

To encourage the community to truly grow together over the week, we’ve decided that the weekend tickets weren’t the best way forwards.  We want to create a crafting village filled with friends, and that takes time to nurture.  If you want to visit rather than stay all week then drop us an email, we might be able to help!

Where Can I Find the Boring Legal Stuff?
All terms and conditions, including policies, can be found here: Terms and Conditions.  This is liable to grow as we add new policies.  The T’s & C’s are the same as on the Ticket Booking.

The Workshops 2021

Treehouse Festival 2021 is looking like the biggest one ever.  There is a huge variety of workshops available and we have encouraged skill sharers to be there for the whole week and many of them are.  Some crafts however, due to their nature means that they work better as a specific time session.   Some workshops are classed as ‘higher risk’ and so we have limited the numbers to make them more manageable, we try our very best to give everyone the chance at their chosen crafts.  Booking for these will be available during the week and does not cost anything extra.  Please note we may also restrict ages for these.

All workshops, descriptions and info about the instructors will be available in our booklet that is released later in the year!   This will also have times, dates and venues.

Its early days for Treehouse Festival 2021 but so far we can confirm:

Already confirmed –

Not to mention

  • Open Mic Night
  • Acoustic Night with Vegan friendly bar!
  • Meals together
  • Late night chats around the camp fire (that’s not organised)

All of the above workshops are currently confirmed though we cant guarantee they will be available if there are unforeseen circumstances.  We’ll try our best to make it the best week ever, but bear with us as we work out any kinks!

We are looking out for: 
Carvers and whittlers
Cob Wallers
Stone cutters
Rake makers

Paper Makers


You can always get in touch using the details below

  • Brandon house Farm, Brandon Parva, NR9 4DJ

  • 07598 475 436

  • admin@treehousefestival.co.uk

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