A lot of people don’t know what to expect from the Treehouse Festival, and we don’t blame them. To make packing for the unexpected a little easier, we’ve compiled this short checklist of things you should probably bring along:

Things for Sleeping – a roll mat, a sleeping bag and a tent (or caravan, campervan etc).

Things to Get Muddy – we’re not a muddy festival, but don’t bring your best clothes either. BRING WELLIES.     

Things to Get Swamped – if workshops include cob walling, this is EXTREMELY messy (and fun because of it), come dressed for becoming a swamp monster.

Things to Deal With the Sun — ‘it’s always sunny in Brandon Parva’, so bring suntan lotion and a hat (we import our weather from the Mediterranean).

Lateral flow test – a bit less interesting than the others, but if you wish to go off-site and come back again and you have not been double vaccinated, you’ll need to show a negative lateral flow test.  You can get these from the NHS website or from a local pharmacy.

A Cup For Drinking Out Of – self-explanatory really, unless you’re happy to drink out of a water bottle all the time, then please do make sure to bring your own cup, as we don’t supply these.  See our details below about plastic.
Things to Buy Shiny New Toys With – money (not obligatory), generally you shouldn’t need to spend any money if you don’t want to, as all food and workshops are provided as part of the ticket price.  However, sometimes there is the opportunity to buy tools from craft people, so that you can continue honing your newly learnt skills on site and when you go home.  There will also be a bar available on one of the nights, which serves real ales, ciders and soft drinks.
Sensible shoes – Most activities from Black Smithing to carving all require solid closed top shoes.  No to Flipflops, boots are excellent, steelies if you are a really on it!
Things to Do Workshops With – Please also make sure to have appropriate clothing for workshops that may involve high levels of heat/fire.
Things to Share Skills – we always encourage people to share their skills with others during the festival.  If you have a skill, let us know before the festival or even when you get here and we can set up a workshop for you, to enable you to teach others. We LOVE this.
Things to Craft and Entertain – if you’ve got any of the following please bring them – beads, paints, carving knives, guitars, banjos, flags, masks, old clothes, dyes, solar panels and anything else you think might be a good idea!  Whether it’s a musical instrument, craft materials, or simply an outlandish sense of adventure, if you’ve got something awesome and fun that other people would enjoy, we want you to bring it.

What not to bring – PLASTIC!  The dream is that the festival will be Nil-to-Fil – meaning zero to landfill.   Please do not bring any plastic food packaging. If you do, please make sure you take it away with you.   Like many festivals, we have to be careful with glass as well; the farm is used by horses for the rest of the year and we don’t want them to hurt their feet.   We recommend bringing one glass (wine?) bottle that you use for water and ensure that it’s kept safe and reused! You also don’t need things to eat with! We supply  all the plates and stuff for you, just to make it a bit simpler.

In 2019 the Festival created 2.5 wheelie bins of landfill rubbish for 90 people over 1 week.  Lets do even better this year.