Treehouse Festival 2021 is looking like the biggest one ever.  There is a huge variety of workshops available and we have encouraged skill sharers to be there for the whole week and many of them are.  Some crafts however, due to their nature means that they work better as a specific time session.   Some workshops are classed as ‘higher risk’ and so we have limited the numbers to make them more manageable, we try our very best to give everyone the chance at their chosen crafts.  Booking for these will be available during the week and does not cost anything extra.  Please note we may also restrict ages for these.

All workshops, descriptions and info about the instructors will be available in our booklet that is released later in the year!   This will also have times, dates and venues.

Its early days for Treehouse Festival 2021 but so far we can confirm:

Already confirmed –

Not to mention

  • Open Mic Night
  • Acoustic Night with Vegan friendly bar!
  • Meals together
  • Late night chats around the camp fire (that’s not organised)

All of the above workshops are currently confirmed though we cant guarantee they will be available if there are unforeseen circumstances.  We’ll try our best to make it the best week ever, but bear with us as we work out any kinks!

We are looking out for: 

Cob Wallers
Stone cutters
Rake makers

Paper Makers