Creating a community for a week and learning and teaching traditional and forgotten crafts and skills.

Treehouse Festival is a week-long event of green fields camping around an Iron Age round house. You’ll have the opportunity to learn skills that you would never normally get the chance to have a go at.  You will be part of the preparation and the eating of delicious vegetarian and vegan meals – often using locally-sourced ingredients. You can get involved in crafts, talks, eco building projects, live acoustic music nights and camp fires.

There are no ‘demonstrations’, every workshop is interactive and gives you the opportunity to get your hands dirty and have a go.  From blacksmithing to green woodworking, glass blowing to weaving, you can come and spend an hour or the whole week mastering skills with the opportunity to continue on when you get back home.  You can take home your creations.  People have made everything from baskets to swords!
There is no extra cost to have a go, it’s all included when you buy the ticket.

There are only 100 tickets available for Treehouse Festival because we believe small is beautiful.  The community is created by preparing food together, working on a big project or sitting around a camp fire  and this is a big part of what makes Treehouse so great.   Ideas are shared, skills are taught and laughs are had.

The week is entirely catered for and the price of the food is included when you buy the ticket.  Everyone is part of the cooking and washing up.

Eco building:
The festival came from a community of people creating a big Treehouse in an old oak tree, afterwards came an Iron Age roundhouse – all made from skills we had learnt at the festival and materials we had gathered from nearby fields (or skips!).  Each year is the opportunity to be part of a big building project using hand tools to create an eco-structure.   Something that will stay put and become a location for a craftsperson for future years of Treehouse Festival.