In this workshop take a walk with Abbie as she explores her local hedgerows and teaches you about some of the edibles laying just beneath the leaves.

Growing up in the Norfolk countryside foraging was a big part of Abbie’s childhood, picking berries from the hedges with her parents to make jams that they could swap for freshly caught fish or searching for Puffballs to swap for pheasants. Without it mealtimes would’ve looked very different!

Several years on and Abbie has spent time learning as much as she can about plant life, natural remedies and free foods. From her time running conservation workshops for children to the constant books, you’ll find her reading, she’s always keen to learn more and to share that knowledge with others.

“Our ancestors thought nothing of using the plants that grew around them for sustenance or healing, but it’s a practice we’ve now all but forgotten. A weed is just a wild plant that you’ve decided you don’t want, but most of the so called weeds in our gardens are incredibly useful! I want to reintroduce people to the world around them in the hope that it helps them to reconnect to nature.”