BeekeepingThis year’s festival we’ve got booked the following workshops and seminars that everyone can get involved in throughout the whole process:

So far booked:

  • Sword Smithing (By Ben Wong of the Pocket Forge)
  • Charcoal and Iron Age living (By John Rockcliffe from BBC’s Living in the Past
  • Pottery and kilning (from ground to cup!) (by Wayside Pottery)
  • Knitting, but not as you know (By the world famous Kate Brittain (Seriously, check her out, shes kind of a big deal!)
  • Green Woodworking – straight from the branch. (by Olly who you may have seen at Harlequin or festivals all around)
  • Basket Weaving (by Katy who you may have seen at Harlequin or festivals all around)
  • Black Smithing (By Kai H of Men’s Shed (and other things))
  • Bee Saviour Kit making! (By Dan Harris – the Famous Bike Man of Norwich)
  • Creative pasta and Sugar craft… from Scratch! (By Bobby Stars)
  • Scything the Old Fashioned land management(By Richard Brown, everyone’s favourite Scythe Guy)
  • Carving and the crafting of Spoons! (By Jackie)
  • Honey Bee Keeping – Ethical and Sustainable ways to save the bees – (by Patrick Laslett)
  • Playing and Making Historic Board Games  (By Colin Hynson)
  • Foraging, plant identification and hedgerows
  • Eco- Building Project: Swamp Hut – House on Stilts in a ‘swamp’.and talks from:
    • Adrian Holmes – Universal Basic Income – Money for nothing or transforming society
    • Richard Brown – The organic and sustainable way to conservation and Land Management
    • Andy Bo and Seadog Riggs aka “The Yardsticks” – Come Sea Shanty with me. The art of Sea Shanty.


With all of these activities, they generally are not just talks or demonstrations, you are encouraged and able to have a go at everything.  So if something says “Bee Keeping”, that’s literally putting on a Bee suit and opening a hive!  Bear this in mind for managing your own risk, somethings like Blacksmithing can be dangerous because of heat, or beekeeping if you are allergic to bees.