A lot of people don’t know what to expect from the Treehouse Festival, and we don’t blame them. To make packing for the unexpected a little easier, we’ve compiled this short checklist of things you should probably bring along:

You don’t need Things to Eat With! We supply  all the plates and stuff for you, just to make it a bit simpler!

Things for Sleeping– a roll mat, a sleeping bag and a tent (there is limited tent space available to those who can’t bring one.)

Things to Get Muddy– we’re not a muddy Festival, but don’t bring your best clothes either. A pair of battered old trainers is very helpful, especially if we go to the beach or whatever.  BRING WELLIES

Things to Deal With the Sun– it’s always sunny at the Treehouse Festival, so bring a bottle of water and some suntan lotion (we import our weather from the Mediterranean.)

Extras– a little spending money is always useful, though all essentials are included in the price, and a secret stash of chocolate or beer is never a bad thing.  BRING A DRINK OR TWO FOR THE PARTY NIGHT!
Workshops — This year we are encouraging people to share what they can do with other people.  If you have a skill, lets setup a workshop for you to teach others.  But whoever you are, if youve got any of the following please bring them:  Beads, paints, carving knives, musical instruments, flags, masks, old clothes, dyes, solar panels and anything else you think might be a good idea!
– whether it’s a musical instrument, craft materials, or simply an outlandish sense of adventure, if you’ve got something awesome and fun that other people would enjoy, we want you to bring it.