The Address is

Brandon House Farm,
Brandon Parva,

All the best things in life are hard to find; the Treehouse Festival is no different.

N 52.03765′, W 0.95503′

GBR mapcode BYP.CC2

By car:

If you can find Mattishall, you’re almost there. The village of Mattishall is just off the A47, about 10 miles out of Norwich, and is signposted at the exit you’ll need. Once you’re in Mattishall, you need to take the turning by the Church (or by the chip shop, depending on your worldview) going south (this is left coming from Norwich). Keep on going until you come to a T junction, turn right and it’s the first place on the left! ¬†You’re there!

By train:

The nearest station is Wymondham (pronounced ‘Windum’), but only head there if you have arranged to be picked up beforehand (try the Facebook Page). If you’re getting the train to Norwich your best bet is to do the rest…

By bus:

Konect 4 buses go direct from Norwich bus station to Mattishall. You can walk from there to the Festival in 20 minutes, but it’s best to get picked up unless you know your way.

Link to Directions in Google (Full Browser page)

If you are still stuck here is a literal picture by picture step of how to get there!

From Mattishall:

At the big All Saints Church in the centre, turn South, between the church and the ship shop (left from Norwich, Right from Dereham).

Your adventure (Hopefully) Begins here:
Mattishall Junction looking at the Church, turn south

Turn SOUTH (which is away from the pub)

Go past this quaint bunch of shops and keep heading south:

Near the butchers

When you see this (Mattishall Social Club) you know you’re going the right way. KEEP ON THIS ROAD!

Mattishall Social Club

Don’t be tempted to leave the road you’re on. Keep going straight!

Keep going straight, do NOT TURN RIGHT

No! Don’t even think about it, just keep going straight!

Nope! dont even think about it, keep going straight

At the T junction, you turn right – In front of you, there will be a BIG set of pylons running left to right. These go right over the campsite. (its ok, they are safe)

Junction - look out for pylons, thats how you know when you are in the right place.

Pylon - these are your friends Pylons are your friends – follow them!

You should now be on this road…

Keep going straight, its the first house on the left

From here, carry on and the entrance is on the left into the field, there should be signs! Just park up and head down the field, you should hear us, we will be near the big oak trees down the bottom of this open field.

It might seem like a good idea to go in through the main gates, its not...

You’ve completed your mission! Well done, your reward – camping and fun!