How much will it cost me?

Not very much. The money you pay goes entirely to the provision of food and toilets. The Treehouse Festival does not make money, and relies on donations from individuals to keep going. Check out the Book In page for an idea of what it will cost this year, and to see which activities you might want to pay extra for. If you come to just the Party, it’s just £5, which helps to cover the costs of things like toilets, lighting and decorating the site for the party (further donations are always welcome!), don’t forget to bring a drink.

Can I just come to the Party?

Absolutely! Lots of people come to the Party on the Saturday without having been at the Festival all week. It’s a lot more fun to do the Festival as well, but we understand that it’s also a much bigger commitment, especially to those who work or have kids. If you come just for the party, remember to bring a bottle (which you can cash in at the bar for whatever drinks you want) and watch out for the smug but smelly Campers.

Can I come for part of the Festival, but not the whole thing?

Yes. You can come from Thursday onwards, or Monday to Wednesday, or whenever you like, just remember to select the ‘Weekend Ticket’ when you book in, so you only pay for a couple of days of food, not a whole week’s worth.

Can I invite people?

You can, and we hope you do. Almost everybody at the Festival has heard about it through a friend at some point. If you invite people to the Festival, make sure they book in so that they can eat when they get there, and if you invite people to the Party, make sure they bring a drink or some cash so that they don’t die of thirst.

We’ve noticed that people who come as a group to the Party often spend the whole night together as a group, which we think rather misses the point. For that reason, and so we have a rough idea of what numbers to expect, bring friends rather than inviting whole groups of people; if there’s a group who would simply love it, send us an email first.

How do I get there?

There’s a numbers of ways to find us; head on over to the Directions page for more info.

Will I have to do lots of building at the Festival?

No you don’t! There’s a whole lot of other stuff going on, or you’re welcome to come along and just hang out in the sun or by the fire; the only thing we want you to do is have a good time. If you really want to do a lot of building, you can, and you should also check out our Eco Building Weeks.

Do I need to bring my own food?

No, you don’t. There is delicious vegetarian food cooked on site every day. There’s no harm in bringing along a secret stash of chocolate or crisps, though (just make sure to store it so it won’t melt!). Check out our What to Bring checklist for guidelines on what else to bring.