Treehouse Festival

24th to the 31st July 2019 ¦ Creating Community and Learning Forgotten Skills


Booking for Treehouse Festival 2019 is Now Closed.

Look out for 2020 dates coming soon!

Dates: 24th to the 31st July 2019 | Mid Norfolk | Cost: £150 | Limited discounts are available for community activities such as washing up

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What is Treehouse Festival?

Creating a community for a week whilst learning forgotten skills and eco building

Treehouse Festival is a week long event of green fields camping around an Iron Age round house, getting the opportunity to learn skills that you would never normally get the chance to have a go at.  Be part of the creation and eating of some of the best organic vegan and vegetarian food around and be involved in talks, eco building projects, live acoustic music nights and camp fires.

There are no demonstrations, every workshop gives you the opportunity to get your hands dirty and have a go.  From blacksmithing to green woodworking, glass blowing to weaving, you can come and spend an hour or the whole week mastering skills with the opportunity to continue on when you get back home.
There is no extra cost to have a go, it’s all included when you buy the ticket.

There are only 100 tickets available for Treehouse Festival because we believe small is beautiful.  The community that is created by preparing food together, working on a big project or sitting around a camp fire is a big part of what makes Treehouse so great.   Ideas are shared, skills are taught and laughs are had.

The week is entirely catered for and the price of the food is included when you buy the ticket.

Eco building:
The festival came from a community of people creating a big Treehouse in an old oak tree, afterwards came an Iron Age roundhouse – all made from skills we had learnt at the festival and materials we had gathered from nearby fields (or skips!).  Each year is the opportunity to be part of a big building project using hand tools to create an eco-structure.   Something that will stay put and become a location for a craftsperson for future years of Treehouse Festival.


If you want to be part of the Festival then you can buy tickets here


The Workshops 2019

Treehouse Festival 2019 is the biggest one ever.  There is a huge variety of workshops available and we have encouraged skill sharers to be there for the whole week and many of them are.  Some crafts however, due to their nature means that they work better as a specific time session.   Some workshops are classed as ‘higher risk’ and so we have limited the numbers to make them more manageable.  Booking for these will be available during the week and does not cost anything extra.  Please note we may also restrict ages for these.

All workshops, descriptions and info about the instructors will be available in our booklet that is coming out soon!   This will also have times, dates and venues.

This Year’s Workshops:

  • Thatching with Richard Allen
  • Blacksmithing (Limited Places)
  • Cob Wall building
  • Glassblowing with Graham Reed (Limited Places) – grahamreedglass.co.uk
  • Spoon Whittling and Carving with Jackie Bush
  • Green Wood working and chairs from branches (Weekend only, Limited places)
  • Traditional Carding and Spinning Wool with Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers
  • Weaving and loom work
  • From Willow to Art – Charcoal making and life drawing
  • Rag Rugging
  • Bread Making – from Field to Fork
  • Felting with Geneviere Rudd (Weekend only)
  • Swamp Hut Eco Build
  • Making and Playing traditional Board games with Colin Hynson
  • Knitting, but Not as You Know — With Kate Brittain (Seriously, check her out, shes kind of a big deal!)
  • Foraging and creating natural dyes
  • Bee Keeping and honey extraction – With Patrick Laslett (Limited Numbers)
  • Cinema Showing: “HandMade” by the BBC
  • Copper Inscription and Copper Jewellery making with Tim Morley
  • Seed Saving and the Self Seeding Garden with John Nicholson
  • The Miracle of Home Made Compost
  • Wild Food and Hedgerow foraging
  • The Art of Medieval Story Telling with Dave Tonge
  • Essential Sea Shanty-ing by the Yard Sticks
  • Open Mic Night
  • Acoustic Night with Vegan friendly bar!
  • Meals together
  • Late night chats around the camp fire (that’s not organised)

All of the above workshops are currently confirmed though we cant guarantee they will be available if there are unforeseen circumstances.  We’ll try our best to make it the best week ever, but bear with us as we work out any kinks!

Workshops that require booking will be available on a signup board each day.

Why is it called “Treehouse”?

The Festival grew out of a group of friends deciding to build a real treehouse in their spare time. Every summer they’d spend a week or so camping out at Brandon House Farm, working on the treehouse’s spiral staircase, its balcony, or its roof. More friends came along to join in–after all, it sounded pretty fun. Eventually even more friends came, who didn’t particularly want to build but wanted to enjoy the camping and community spirit that quickly became something very special.

Soon, the week of camping became its own entity, while the magnificent tree house continued to be built and thus the Treehouse Festival was born.

Sadly, the treehouse–made by young people in their own time, with their own initiative; created from entirely recycled materials, a long way from anywhere; that had engendered a sense of community and a can-do attitude in countless young people–was ordered to be removed by the South Norfolk Council.

Rather than mourn its loss and change the name of the Festival, we decided to keep the name and let the Festival be a celebration of our departed treehouse, and the special community spirit it brought us.

Here she is:

Everything else you need to know

What If I Need Directions?
There is a detailed directions page

What Do I need to Bring?
There is a page with everything you need to bring.  This also gets email out when you book in.  

What is the dates? 
Dates for this year are 24th – 31st July 2019

Are Children Welcome?
Yes children and families are welcome.  In fact this year we are planning on running a forest school each morning for children over the week.

Are Pets allowed?
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed (the resident farm dog doesnt like other dogs!), but email us about other animals.

What is the Cost? 
Its £149 at most for the week, fully catered.  There are limited discount tickets if you do jobs like washing up, and concessions for children.

Can I bring a Caravan, Campervan or similar?
Yes thats fine.  Though we encourage interesting and magical caravans if you have one.  There isnt any electricity or water hookup directly, though there are taps nearby.

Can I get a Refund?
Refunds are available if we have a waiting list and can reallocate the ticket up to 4 months before the event start and has a 10% fee.  For more see the Terms and Conditions

Can I come for just the weekend? 
You can, however we want to encourage the building of community over the whole event, so it’s cheaper overall to come for the full week than it is to come for one or a few days.  But booking for weekend is here

Where can I find boring legal stuff?
All terms and conditions including policies can be found here: Terms and Conditions.  This is liable to grow as we add new policies.  The Ts&Cs are the same as on the Ticket Booking.


You can always get in touch using the details below

  • Brandon house Farm, Brandon Parva, NR9 4DJ

  • 07598 475 436

  • info@treehousefestival.co.uk

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