Treehouse Festival

Creating Community and Learning Forgotten Skills

Treehouse Festival

Creating a community for a week whilst learning forgotten skills and eco building

The Treehouse Festival is a small, independent week-long summer festival set on a farm in Norfolk. The idea is a fully catered community who create and build thing together, learning forgotten skills from experts and each other. We’ve built a thatched Iron age roundhouse, a smokehouse—to smoke our own homemade cheese and we’ve even built a lake house made from recycled wood!  So if you’re seeking a beautiful space surrounded by nature and new friends, where you can make things, experiment and learn then come to the Treehouse Festival.


Round the Campfire

What goes on?

Building the compost toilets

There is an ongoing building project each year as well as workshops and seminars that in the past have included climate change, iron age living, songwriting, metalworking and sustainable architecture. An acoustic night on Thursday where anyone can have a chance to share a song, standup set or just open mic.  There’s delicious vegetarian cooking all week, a constant campfire with great philosophical conversation and at the end of the week there’s the big party with bands from across the country and a bar with lots of homebrew mead and cider amongst old favourites!

How small is it, really?

We think small is beautiful. The chances are that if you’ve heard about the Treehouse Festival, you did so through a friend; that’s how we roll. We expect around thirty to fifty people for the week. There’s plenty of new people every year, so it’s changing all the time.

Why is it called the Treehouse Festival?

The Festival grew out of a group of friends deciding to build a real treehouse in their spare time. Every summer they’d spend a week or so camping out at Brandon House Farm, working on the treehouse’s spiral staircase, its balcony, or its roof. More friends came along to join in–after all, it sounded pretty fun. Eventually even more friends came, who didn’t particularly want to build but wanted to enjoy the camping and community spirit that quickly became something very special.

Soon, the week of camping became its own entity, while the magnificent tree house continued to be built and thus the Treehouse Festival was born.

Sadly, the treehouse–made by young people in their own time, with their own initiative; created from entirely recycled materials, a long way from anywhere; that had engendered a sense of community and a can-do attitude in countless young people–was ordered to be removed by the South Norfolk Council.

Rather than mourn its loss and change the name of the Festival, we decided to keep the name and let the Festival be a celebration of our departed treehouse, and the special community spirit it brought us.

Here she is:

Brandon parva Treehouse

Click to watch the video


Booking is available for Treehouse Festival 2019.

Dates: 24th to the 31st July 2019 | Mid Norfolk | Cost: £150 | Limited discounts are available for community activities such as washing up

The Workshops

BeekeepingWe’re still booking workshops for 2019, so keep an eye on this page for updates! To give you an idea of the kind of things there might be, have a look at some of the fantastic workshops we had last year:


  • Sword Smithing — by Ben Wong of the Pocket Forge
  • Charcoal and Iron Age Living —  by John Rockcliffe from BBC’s Living in the Past
  • Pottery and Kilning: from ground to cup! — by Wayside Pottery
  • Knitting, but Not as You Know — by the world famous Kate Brittain (Seriously, check her out, shes kind of a big deal!)
  • Green Woodworking: straight from the branch — by Olly, who you may have seen at Harlequin or festivals all around
  • Basket Weaving — by Katy who you may have seen at Harlequin or festivals all around
  • Blacksmithing — by Kai H of Men’s Shed (and other things)
  • Bee Saviour Kit making! — by Dan Harris—the Famous Bike Man of Norwich
  • Creative Pasta and Sugar Craft: from Scratch! — by Bobby Stars
  • Scything: the old fashioned land management — by Richard Brown, everyone’s favourite Scythe Guy
  • Carving and the Crafting of Spoons! — by Jackie
  • Honey Bee Keeping: ethical and sustainable ways to save the bees — by Patrick Laslett
  • Playing and Making Historic Board Games — By Colin Hynson
  • Foraging: plant identification and hedgerows
  • Eco-Building Project: Swamp Hut, a house on stilts in a ‘swamp,’
  • And talks from:
    • Adrian Holmes: Universal Basic Income—Money for Nothing or Transforming Society
    • Richard Brown – The Organic and Sustainable Way to Conservation and Land Management
    • Andy Bo and Seadog Riggs aka “The Yardsticks” – Come Sea Shanty with me. The art of Sea Shanty.


What If I Need Directions?
There is a detailed directions page

What Do I need to Bring?
There is a page with everything you need to bring.  This also gets email out when you book in.  

What is the dates? 
Dates for 2019 haven’t been announced yet, but they will be soon. Watch this space!

What is the Cost? 
Its £149 for the week, fully catered.

Can I come for just the weekend? 
You can, however we want to encourage the building of community over the whole event, so it’s cheaper overall to come for the full week than it is to come for one or a few days.



You can always get in touch using the details below

  • Brandon house Farm, Brandon Parva, NR9 4DJ

  • 07598 475 436

  • info@treehousefestival.co.uk

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